Thursday, November 19, 2015

News from The Associated Press

OFFICIALS: ISIS DETERMINED TO PRODUCE CHEMICAL WEAPONS, AQ was as well, and even had a few training camps in Afghanistan, if you remember they also had a system to deliver the weapon. I remember we all at the time where on the look out for it. It had a very sexy name "The Device" Iraq had chemical weapons as well, most experts feel that the ones used in Syria are stockpiles of those weapons. The Japan terror group that set off chemical weapons in the subways had a very poorly made weapon, but the real problem was the delivery system. It consisted of breaking glass beakers with canes, umbrellas and stepping on them. The "device" had a fan system along with a timer, so it could sit on a subway train till the attacker left. It is not all that hard to produce chemical weapons for small deployments like trains, subways, even plane's. The harder part is to make them for larger areas. That takes a little more skill, but a shopping mall with the right temperatures inside and outside can use the heating and air conditioning system to recirculate the weapon around the mall, is doable. It is a threat we will have to seriously.
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