Saturday, November 21, 2015

News from The Associated Press

A LOOK AT THE RIVALRY BETWEEN AL-QAIDA AND IS, I am not sure writer has it correct. I still think al-Qaida heavy or Osama bin Laden's end of the of AQ is still alive and planning things. The rivalry between AQ heavy and AQ lite or the end led by the Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was a rift over among other things tactics and not in a small part the Fatwa's the two groups follow. AQ heavy still follow the original which requires planning and a heavy chance of success, 75% is the level given in the Fatwa. This requires training and planning and AQ heavy had a fairly good control of the planning. The results where the first world trade center bombing, the bombing of the navy ship and multiple Embassies at the same time, even the Spain and London train and subway bombings. But this did not allow for heavy recruiting and a lot of want a be terrorists felt left out. Then the Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, sort of started AQ lite with a Fatwa that basically said go forth and do damage in the name of Allah, if all you had was a tape recorder, tape bombs and guns going off and play it at a movie theater or somewhere it would scare people. The lite group also started the Inspire Magazine so guys in their basements could plot and carry off attacks. This led to a lot of plots being hatched, but with little trade-craft and no training, they were a lot easier to catch. That problem between the two rival AQ groups was a love hate relationship. The main core did not like the unstructured methods of the lite group, but it did keep them in the news, which kept money and press coverage going. Near the end of Zarqawi's life he had the Magazine Inspire and the best little bomber of all the groups. AQ heavy had lost their big name bomber Ramzi Yousef to jail in the US. Now comes Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, with an even more ruthless Fatwa, who is told to come into line, and refuses, so now actual warfare at times between the AQ and his new ISIS came about. But they have tried to broker deals between them, but so far luckily for the world they have not, have they? ISIS came out with its own Magazine and is most agree as good as AQ lite in the Social Media and using it for recruitment. But now with what looks to be better bombs, ISIS may have gotten hold of the new bomber of the day, or at least someone trained by the late AQ lite bomber. If the two groups do get together with the ego of Baghdadi it would have to come under his rule, now the remnants of AQ lite may well agree to this, I do not think the original remains of the Core AQ will. I think they will still be heard from in the future. This is my take.
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