Sunday, November 22, 2015

News from The Associated Press

This is an article that we should all read, I do not agree with all the solution paths here, and there are not many, but the basic premise is that we need to get the community involved to stop this, and the second premise is we need to get the community behind the Police in solving the problem. The main argument is the distrust in the Police from the Community, this will have to be a joint endeavor and the trust will have to be a chance taken on both sides, till the trust is actually won. The great part about this, is that any winning or even partial winning movements can be and should be modified as needed and tried on other hot spots in the US and around the world. Now, there is a number of schools of thought out there on reducing crime. It would take some research to understand the underlying school here, but it has a resemblance to the Chicago School as it is called, and uses a Marxist methodology that basically says the community organizers if given enough money can provide solutions. We can all see how it has worked in the Actual Chicago, which was considered the trial for the Chicago School Methodology, it has made a lot of social activists rich, to include Rev. Wright and Rev. Jackson, and other Church leaders and organizing groups. Tho the track record of the method is obvious and its failures available for all to see, yet it continues to get funded. Political Correctness forbids stopping it. There are other schools and methodologies out there with better track records, to include one used in a little town just outside of Chicago, called Bentsenville. Joel Vargus a Police Officer and self styled criminologist has worked with the community and the Police to provide an amazing track record with both crime and gangs. I think there are a number of these projects out there that can be used to help find solutions or at least make progress in the Gang and Crime problems of LA and Chicago, perhaps even the biggest one in Brazil, to clear the way for the Olympic Games there next year.
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