Sunday, November 22, 2015

NYC emergency responders go through active shooter drill

This is how you win against these Terrorists, but it has to be every small town Police Department, every mall, every sporting event doing Active Shooter Drills, even the folks in your family or if you are on and Executive Protection Team you, your team and if possible your clients. Full scale drills like these are expensive and take a lot of time to set up and pull off. But they are invaluable to helping find the weaknesses in your response plan. Those of you that where in my last class for ESI went through table top exercises, which are easier less costly less time consuming and will also let you find out the weaknesses in your response plan. Mall's airports and even movie theaters, every soft target should attempt to meet with members of your local SWAT teams, and do at least at minimum a quick walk through of your facilities. Lastly every member of your family and staff should do a quick review of an Active Shooter training video, here is a link to two, on is very well done by the Houston Texas Homeland Security the other is a quick You tube CTI did to help you internalize and visualize the moves you need to make in an event like this. Remember Run, Hide, and if you have to Fight. But always remember you hide only to be able to run as soon as possible, and fight only to get away so you can run.
from CTI Consulting

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