Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris shootings: 18 reported killed -

Suicide bombs, AK 47 rifle fire, preliminary reports now of 48 dead, but Police have not even been able to get into some areas.
from CTI Consulting


  1. This is how it started that night, and the investigation is on going.

    This is the last post so far on Sunday:

    There are reports of firecrackers causing panics in the Paris area. If you read the Fatwa of the dead cleric of the Yemen AQ. He told his followers that if all you have is firecrackers, use them to cause panic. Know your enemy. .

  2. The French have issued an arrest warrant for someone they think was involved in the Paris attack. They apparently have known about him since they found the car deeper in Paris, away from the shooting, that the car did not get there by itself. It has AK-47's in it, we are told three, which would follow the three suicide bombers around the stadium. Still that driver was never accounted for.
    It is said that the Paris Police had fingerprints off the car, perhaps multiple, and where trying to pick up the driver, and make sure the dead terrorists matched the prints on the weapons and in the car, to see how many more active cell members are out there.

  3. If anyone gets a picture of the attackers with the belts and clothes they where wearing please post. I hear they are fairly distinctive.
    Now this is Europe, but do not forget the type of vehicles used, smaller 4 door sedans, rental cars, not stolen, all good workable intel.
    TATP has a relatively short shelf life, and tends to break down and become less effective by the hour, if not the day. There is a very distinctive smell involved as well, as it is being made. Some describe it as similar to people cooking meth in garages, even hotel rooms.
    The detonator does not have to be much, a flash bulb with a bit of gun powder in it will work. We have seen rocket igniters with a little glue on the out side, then dipped in gun powder, that have enough to set off TATP. Just so you know you could hit a person carrying a bomb of TATP and it could go off by him falling. Very dangerous stuff.

  4. TATP Explosive used in the Paris attack, home made explosive, it can have very different levels of blast potential,so this could be the reason that so few died near the suicide bomber. It also does not take much of a blasting cap or detonator to set these off. But may point out that explosives are much harder to get in the EU, by the way not a real problem in Mexico, in the last few months over 700 pounds are reported missing, with only 40 pounds thought to have been used so far.

  5. France is saying they have to much intel, that they have over 3,500 active terrorist cases open at the moment. They have to add at least 10 a day on just people arriving from other EU countries. Since they are beyond saturation, they have to drop at least 10 cases to pick up the new ones.
    Spain, Greece, Belgium, and Germany are all tracking what they think are active members of this cell.

  6. Obama's National (Deputy) Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, says the US has vetted everyone from Syria let into the US this last week or so. Yet the EU, and I agree, say how do you vet these people, You can not call the national police and ask them, you can not call even local police and ask them. Even numbers that they give you from friends and family members are often not valid, and if you do get a person on the phone, they will always tell you the person is a great guy, wouldn't you, if someone called about a guy you knew?
    I am not sure what kind of vetting is being done, but it probably is not much, and pretty useless anyhow. The Germans say the bad guys usually burn their paperwork as soon as they get into an EU Zone country, so all real record keeping starts from there. When you are on the run, loss of papers is pretty normal anyhow. Border Control folks tend to take them, just in case you run. Many may hold them to sell to someone else with out papers.
    By the way it is not better much better out of Mexico, or central and south American.

  7. If vetting is occurring as stated by the Presidents National Security Director, someone should check with the FBI, they say they can not vet them, there is no database to go too

  8. There is this constant refrain of this was so sophisticated an attack. Folks this may turn out to be 8 to 12 folks to include 3 brothers, and some friends and girl friends. This can happen anywhere around the globe, and can very well happen here.
    Take away the explosives, and replace them with cans of gas and lighters, young radicals could be going around collecting semi auto weapons, both rifles and handguns, collecting ammunition from friends and folks they know operating in the gray areas of the drug culture.
    Now they look on the TV and see the Targets the attackers choose, and all the TV time they are getting. So now they just have to pick our Restaurants, Bar's, Movie Theaters, Mall, heck wait till Black Friday. The targets are soft, and there are too many to have police cover them all. New York and LA Police are trying to cover the main events, but there are places all over the US that these guys can target.
    We can stop them, but we need people like you and I to report anything suspect. These attackers in France had friends and just people around them that had an idea of what was being planned. But said nothing. In Brussels the Police Chief said we do not have a handle on this area where the last three attacks in Europe had at least planners working and living.

    Folks it is time to wake up. this attack does not need a lot of support or even planning. Some yes, but not much. This so far is three brothers and their friends and girl friends. Stay alert, if this starts off near you remember your training on active shooters and move, move away as quickly as you can. Hide if you can not move, but even then be ready to move. Fight, that does not mean you have to beat the bad guy, just throw things at them, everyone ducks when stuff is coming at them. Use that, to yes move, throw phones, keys, change, any thing around you.

    Check now in your pockets, what could you throw as you ran past the attacker to distract them for a second. As you are moving gather up things you can throw, chairs small tables, hell if you are scared enough, big tables. Keep moving, just throw and keep moving.