Saturday, November 28, 2015


Ok Ok, I am the terrorist trainer or planner, and I say to my little terrorist guys, listen go up to the screening check point and there is a 50 50 chance the screener will catch you carrying the gun. Or a 25% chance you will make it through, if you want to use that as your basis for a plan to conduct a terrorist attack, then go for it. No folks, the 911 folks carried weapons that where legal on planes at that time, if my memory serves me, 3 actually where stopped and asked about the knives they had on them. Plus they did not play the screeners they played the system. They knew the rules at the time is the Pilots gave up and the plane was taken to the ground and the FBI took over. The rules did not anticipate they the terrorists flying the planes into the buildings. By the way the rules had changed before the last plane landed that day. That does not mean they will not have another way to do this in the future, but playing with screening odds of even 50% is not the way they will do it. It is a business. this gun can be found very easily by screeners as well, over 50% of the time. The last big play by the terrorist against carry on bag screening was the tooth past tube threat, and before that the liquid bomb threat. Justsayin.
from CTI Consulting

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