Sunday, November 8, 2015

Reducing your chances of being a Victim using Motion Sensing Lighting

Motion sensing lights can be an inexpensive way of  reducing your chances of being a Victim.

Just a quick look on line found motion sensing flood lights for less than 15 dollars at Wallmart, Home Depot, and Lowe's.   Using them on the outside of a home or business can provide a warning of intruders getting ready to enter or conducting surveillance of your location.

Using four systems around this small home can provide you with a advanced warning system.

These lights also provide a deterrence to the bad guys,  When they see lights come up, they know they can be seen, go back to the basics of CPTED and anti Victimization, bad guys do not like their faces seen.  For attacking shooters it also distracts if not blinding them for a second.  For you inside the home or office, it allows them to seen so you can use a weapon against them.

Anyone conducting surveillance has a chance to be noticed, plus they know this is one more thing they will have to overcome to launch an attack on you.  Yes they can shoot it out with a bb gun or something, but that is still one more thing they have to do, to get at you.  So you can add more alarms, more cameras, but for a reasonable amount of money you can add one more layer of security.

For those with existing lights and very little expertise in installing lighting systems, here is a backup way to get a system started, for less that  10 dollars each ;

It is not as good as the other systems, but can provide you another level of protection. 

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  1. Interesante, como para ir poniéndolo a prueba, se puede conseguir por acá también!! Gracias, Joe, Juan Sevilla