Friday, November 20, 2015

Saudi diplomat shot dead in Yemeni capital So now what would you do? This could be a situation where you are going to die, but at least put the odds more in your favor Always look for well traveled roads, the attackers want to get away if possible with out being noticed. Two, always know where you can go, to get near security. In McAllen the airport, police stations, the Boarder Patrol stations all have pretty good safe havens for you to drive to. Always know where the nearest one is. Three, in many cases changing the situation is your best bet, get out of the car into a mall if you can get clear of the attackers for even a second. Drive right up to the area you are going to evacuate too and exit with as much noise and fan fare as you can, you want people noticing. This next, is advice that each person needs to take in their own way. Trying to out run other cars in a vehicle pursuit is not often a great option. They have multiple people in the car, one to drive others to advise and shoot. They are probably driving what they want for an attack, you maybe in a larger vehicle, But SUV's of any make are noted for roll over accidents at any speed, and the higher the speed, the more chance of a roll over. Even with a low center of gravity sedan, the higher the speed the less control you have for any evasive actions, two cars moving at 90 miles an hour are not any safer than if you are moving at 50, and can stop, start and turn with safety. There are drivers out there that can do a lot more with a car, but it takes training, and even then they have to know the car they are driving at the time.
from CTI Consulting

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