Saturday, November 7, 2015

Task force helping officers with challenge posed by mental health patients

This type of program and Police training is needed all over the US, and it is very impressive, A lot of the problems that make Press headlines are Police dealing with folks that may in addition to whatever has brought them to the attention of Law Enforcement possible mental conditions. Responding officers may not be aware of, or if they are may not be able to deal with a problem like this, until they get the situation under control. But when responding it may help the officers if they have a heads up to the possible problem, add to that any training they may get on the problem. It is very forward thinking of the Police in the RGV, and they should be commended for it, as well as the mental health workers. Key to this though is everyone remembering even if dealing with folks with mental conditions, the Police will have to take charge of the situation, keep themselves as well as all the citizens around the situation safe. Until they, the responding officers, clear the situation insuring everyone is safe, the training they have gotten in Mental health may have to wait. Still being able to talk to the person with the problem, with the additional training it may allow them an edge in dealing with them. All in all a great move by the valley Mental Health folks and the Law Enforcement folks. I hope the funding is bought into line with the needs.
from CTI Consulting

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