Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The mystery continues with the downing of the Russian Aircraft In Egypt

Why The Russian Plane Crash Matters

Could a rogue Egyptian Military with access to one of the many surface to air ground based systems based in the Sinai.

Or could it have been a bomb aboard the aircraft, either in the passenger cabin or in the cargo bay.   Sort of a dirty little secret that Mr. Higareda talks about in this interview, is that ICAO regulations outside the EU and the USA are mainly guidelines.   When you board and American Airline, or board a plane with a direct flight to the US TSA security regulations take over, and these are not guidelines, they are enforced requirements, tested by TSA periodically.  If you board a flight from a foreign airport not going to the USA it uses the security practices of that Country or Airport.  If you are going to the US on a direct flight, or are on an American based Carrier, you will find a second level of security, that meets the TSA regulations.

Lastly remember the ground crews in these foreign countries are normally from that country.  In Egypt the staffing of any business has Jihadists Extremists, working for them, so the insider threat we worry about even in the US, is far worse in Egypt.

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