Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Philosophy of Security: The mystery continues with the downing of the Russian Aircraft In Egypt

As the mystery continues it is important to remember flying from a foreign country it is always best to fly an American Based and Regulated Airline, or second best an airline with a direct flight to the US, with no stops along the way. TSA stringent regulations only truly come into place in those two instances. Egyptian airlines as do other countries airlines follow ICAO guidelines, but these are often loosely followed. England and the EU have actual regulations much like the TSA, but even they do not have the rule TSA has that any carrier flying directly to the US must meet TSA guidelines. So England will try and push an airport in a foreign country to meet its regulations, but it does not have the authority to do so. TSA derives its authority with the foreign carrier flying directly to the US, by simply denying the flight to land in the US with out meeting TSA regulations. Other countries do not feel they have the economic power to pull this off. But may if this turns out to be a bomb introduced through the airports screening process.
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