Monday, November 2, 2015

The Philosophy of Security: Warning your Copier may have sensitive or even classified data on...

Another round of security leaks is about to hit, and it is based on people not securing the data that maybe stored on your Copier's hard drive. Just for instance, a law firm has found that everything they printed and copied on their high end printer copier from the day they bought it, till the day they replaced in is all still on the hard drive of the copiers, with years of room for more data to spare. This warning has been around for a while, but apparently it has not take hold. Hospitals and Doctors offices are also at risk, human resource departments with all those records tied to peoples social security numbers are also at risk. It will be fun to read about the new scandal in the paper and on TV, but please do not let it hit close to home. Take care of your systems now. Buy a cheap hard drive, that will fit in your machine, and be ready to replace the one in it, if needed. Many time people let the repairman take a broken machine with them, and then give you the bad news that it can not be repaired, but they can sell you another at a great cost. Beware, your hard drive now could end up almost anywhere.
from CTI Consulting

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