Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Texas Gang Threat Assessment Report shows critcial Cartel Gang Allignment


This report is always very informative and can show critical Gang and Cartel Alignments as well as the establishment of a key California Gang Sureno 13, brought over to support the turf battle between to Cartels.   The same Gang has also found Texas a great way to bypass the California 3 strikes your out, sentencing guidelines.   ,  The Sinaloa Cartel expanded opportunities for SureƱo 13 to operate in El Paso as they opened a turf war with the Juaraz Cartel, and it's Gang of choice the Barrio Azteca. The cartel developed an almost
exclusive relationship with Barrio Azteca in Juarez.

Surena 13 has strong ties with the California Mexican Mafia, providing much of the enforcement and some of the operations for them.  Surena 13 is considered to be the gang to watch as their Cartel ties strengthen through out Texas, and they have already established a foot hold in the Rio Grande Valley.

Another interesting if not unsettling idea coming forth is the use of  hybrid gang activity in the rise in Home Invasions here in the Rio Grande Valley.   It seems these home invasion teams are being made up of members of multiple gangs, established more along family and old friend ties more that their gang affiliations.    This can also produce more gang warfare as the gangs try and re-establish  their rule over their members.

One thing is for sure the Gang Activity here in the Rio Grande Valley is extremely well established, and the ties with the Cartels of Mexico, and more and more of the US side of the border are growing.

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