Friday, November 27, 2015

Two Killed As Roadside Bomb Hit Durrani's Motorcade

In some ares of the world this attack could happen at anytime. The key here is that it is not as easy to pull off as even professionals have found. Keeping up the speed in areas you can not suvrail or control is part of the routine, another is if possible have multiple cars the protectee can be in, making targeting even tougher. Another is if possible having another vehicle driving between the protectee, and the possible attacker points. Lastly always get every foot of clearance from the possible bomb and your vehicle. Every foot can be the one that saves you. As Students from my ESI bomb class know, every foot away added to the speed means the timing of setting off the explosive even more critical, making the kill zone smaller and smaller. The attacker can up the amount of explosives, find a place they can lower your speed, or even choke points that make it harder to get distance from the bomb. But this makes your counter surveillance even more critical, and they may make more mistakes. All putting the odd's, just a little more on your side.
from CTI Consulting

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