Wednesday, November 4, 2015

U.S. officials believe ISIS planted bomb on Russian plane -

Latest take on the downing of the Russian Plane over Egypt: The Chief of Security for the Egyptian Airport has been fired. No passengers showed up on the Terrorist Watch list, Investigators are looking at the Egyptian Airport workers, which some have been known for years to be Muslim Brotherhood members, and may have moved on to ISIS or an off shoot of it. Muslim Brotherhood members are employed in many areas of Egyptian life, like the Military, Police, and yes at the Airports around the country. When the Muslim Brotherhood was taken from power in Egypt (again) a lot of its members went into a sort of hiding mode, so they would not lose their jobs. But they did not take it lightly that they had been forced out of power. Bedouins, who range the Sinai have committed a lot of terror activities, but probably not working at the airport. But the Muslim Brotherhood has people working there as well as they have the technical capability to introduce a bomb to the plane, with out going through the screening processes. More to follow.
from CTI Consulting

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