Wednesday, November 4, 2015

via CTI Consulting

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  1. This is a bomb class I am doing for ESI, this section is on Bomb Threat briefings. Once an EP team has been brought in, Clients often get further threats often by phone. Being able to handle these call is key to reducing the threat. Very few bomb threats are valid, but people that do call in threats, can escalate, so finding them is critical. You as the Executive Protection Agent, may not get the call, but someone in the Clients office and or home may get the call.
    Briefing them on how to handle the call will reduce the stress level of the person receiving the call, and that often allows you to get much more information about the caller.
    In this picture, one of the EP Students is practicing by briefing me on how to handle a call. He did a great job, but it is key to practice giving these briefings, so you can do it for real with the Client and or Clients staff or family. Here is the briefing sheet, I hope you practice this as well, it could save a life.