Monday, December 28, 2015

191 Million US Voter Registration Records Leaked In Mystery Database

This is the scary part of big databases of any type. 2016 is going to be one of the scariest years yet. We are behind in being able to secure data, and I think the big thing is we never will be able to secure this data as well as we think it should be. In voter situations many are volunteers, they are given passwords as well as access to what many of us consider confidential data bases. They often do not, they see it as open, since they have access, and act that way with it. Here is one that is not talked about a lot, and that is theft of computers, or even hard drives. Government agencies, law firms, corporations and yes voter agencies lose or have them stolen everyday, if they are lost, then reporting them is not a real issue, if stolen, they usually have to be reported, and the paper work involved with that can be mind bending, not to mention the reporting to people that may have data stolen. Lost is a good category, since they, the computers or hard drives may show up. I know of computers that have been lost for years, once a company can write off the computer tax wise, it no longer has asset value, and just disappears from the books. I no damning reports come of it, the no harm no foul. If someone is hurt, then it reappears from the lost, and is reported stolen, and articles like this are written. It happen in the old paper days as well, when the Justice Department got rid of some old file cabinets, the contractors saved some money by just dumping them in a vacant lot in Wash. DC. No problem till files showed up in the hands of a Reporter, who wrote a big story on what was turned over to him. The big problem is that one fairly small hard drive can have the info of thousands of file cabinets and can be searched much easier.
from CTI Consulting

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