Friday, December 11, 2015

CAIR Office Evacuated Due To 'Foreign Substance' Found In Mail

It's important for companies to have procedures in place for when this sort of thing happens, especially if they don't have a dedicated mail facility.
from CTI Consulting

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  1. Developing a plan or series of plans to deal with threats, or incidents is a must. Just look at the legal actions taken from companies with out them. Basic plans are available on line, or specific plans can be developed. Most Police Departments can help you with them, or firms like CTI can as well, and fairly inexpensively as well as very quickly.

    In most cases it can start with the fire evacuation plan diagram that every hotel room must has as well as most businesses. Next take a bomb threat form, fill in the parts that deal with threats, like who to notify,what are the emergency numbers, and you have a basic start. In fact if you make a three ring binder with just these three documents, the Bomb Threat from, (I would use the DHS one) a mail and package bomb poster, ( I would use the one from the US Postal service) and the fire evacuation diargram, you are ahead of the game. Add phone numbers for people to contact, and a basic statement of who should be contacted with a tree of other numbers for people to call. Some firms just use 911 first and other people in the firm second, but the other way around is also useful. Just please start a plan, it will be a big help if an incident happens or even the threat of an incident.

    The Philosophy of Security: Threats against our clients is a serious thing, not…