Friday, December 25, 2015

Censor or die: The death of Mexican news in the age of drug cartels

The Terrorism going on in Mexico is worse than all the radical Jihadists put together. What is worse is one of the reporters from the US highlighted in this article, has been chased by armed gunmen on this side of the border. They had parked their company van in a US Police station parking lot, to stay safe. They returned from the assignment of getting information on the Cartels to find a dark SUV with people inside parked next to their vehicle. Knowing more about the local police (I must add that these are US City Police) than most of us, they did not feel comfortable about going to the police for help. Their story is in a Breitbart news release. The real story here is that the USA feels it can ignore this problem in Mexico, and by doing so the violence is moving with greater speed into the US infecting our Governments and Law Enforcement, and to some extent our press. The USA has turned a blind eye to what is going on in Mexico, the Mexican President even feels he can chastise the USA for not taking better care of his citizens in the USA, here illegally I may add. The death toll is high, but the fear of both the Mexican Citizens and the US Citizens is not measurable in any statistics, it is a real problem. The press is a civilizations last bastion of strength against criminals both outside and inside of Governments, when they are not able to do their jobs, either from owners with biases or threats from outsiders, we all lose. In Nazi Germany the first moves were to control the Press, the next was to collect the weapons from the citizens. Mexico already has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, and now the Press is under censorship both from the Cartels and the Government. Using fear and intimidation to control the areas they operate in, to include more and more inside the USA the Cartels use more and more covert controls and make sure citizens on both sides of the border do not report crime. Hence the crime figures are going down, and Governments close their eyes to the eyes to the real crime problem. The Texas DPS wrote a threat assessment back in 2013 showing how crime in the USA is not reflective of what is actually occurring. Pointing to the FBI crime reporting system is totally out of touch with reality. In the border towns along the Mexican border, crime reporting is even worse, and for economic reasons the City fathers on both sides of the border do not want the actual crime figures to be known. Reynosa Mexico used to be a lot like Mission and McAllen Texas. Now days Reynosa is a virtual ghost town next to the old days when the Cartels started to make their presence known. Like McAllen and Mission these days, they turned a blind eye to what the Cartels did and when they did open them they found themselves part of the problem, not able to find a way out. We have a terrorist threat on our border, that claims more lives than the entire middle east and north Africa. Legalizing drugs will not solve the problem, the Cartels already have found they can sell cheaper and with out the paper trail of legal drugs, they can match or go under the price of the legal systems, even to the point of using tax stamps on the drugs, like they already do for cigarette sales in the US and have many other ways to make illegal money to the point that for many small cartels, the drug sales are a dwindling part of their business. The Mafia did not go away after prohibition was repealed and the Cartels are far more entrenched in the USA than our own Mafia ever was. We need to take the fight to them, and protecting free speech for the Press should be the first goal.
from CTI Consulting

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