Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Drone Buzzes Obama's Motorcade in Hawaii

This is one that all Protection Teams are going to face more and more, and they need to come up with a set of options to deal with them. Back in the early 80's the Japanese had a terrorist cell that used model airplanes for a number of fairly unsuccessful attacks in Japan and had reportedly gave a cell in the USA the technology and go word. It was answered with a three pronged approach, Uniformed Officers and Agents of the US Secret Service added bird shot loads to their shotgun rounds was one. Jamming signals and override controls where others. I do not know if anyone tested bird shot rounds for 38's or 9 mm's for effectiveness, but tests should be done. Shotguns are not allowed in many jurisdictions, but warning the local Police to the threat, may allow them to be in the area with the proper loads in their weapons. I know of a few instances where very long range super soaker water guns, have been used around pools for impromptu defense of medium sized drone, much like the one shown in the picture. It should also be pointed out, to date, these small model plane and drone attacks have not been effective. Their payload is small, and a motorcade moving at speed should have limited exposure to the device. But we all need to be aware and think of answer to this growing problem. As always if people have any thoughts on how to handle this type of threat, please let us know.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1Owgjk9

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