Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gleeful ISIS Gloats About Los Angeles Bomb Scare

This is the price of responding to a bomb threat, if you can use a 25 cent piece to cause panic like this, then they claim a win. Actually I am not sure the LA school district had it wrong. Part of the risk assessment is, have they shown the capability to attack? In LA you would have to answer that one as a big yes. The key will be, how they handle the next threat. Remember bomb threats are a hoax over 95% of the time., and ISIS has never made a threat before a bombing in the past. Everyone needs to dust off those bomb threat plans, make sure bomb threat forms are at the locations of where people take calls, provide Briefings on Bomb threats and how to evaluate them. Perhaps even a table to exercise to make sure the plan is working. All this can be done in less than an hours. If you are in the MIssion Tx. area contact CTI, we will do free briefings for the next two days. I am sure many of the ESI graduates can find the time as well, and they are all over the US. Here is a link to the CTI blog, bomb threat forms can be made from the down load as well as how to handle mail and package suspect Items. with the Christmas season on us, there are going to be a lot of packages being mailed around. ISIS/AQAP have in the past placed bombs in UPS and FedEx packages for delivery.
from CTI Consulting

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