Monday, December 14, 2015

Head of White House “Nudge Unit” Maya Shankar Speaks about Newly Formed Social and Behavioral...

Ford wants you to buy a new truck, preferable theirs and spend millions to develop adds that promote that feeling as you watch them. NLP, has been around for a lot of years, I got my first certification about 10 years ago, but the White House has taken it to a whole new level. They have picked a few areas where they would like to bend the minds a bit of the American Citizens, EPA had a few targeted areas, for the Nudge Unit to work on, the IG of the EPA just finished a report that shows the project was illegal and that is just the start. Bending the minds of the Citizens to what the White House wants to push forward is well within their rules, it just is not legal. The EPA findings are here:
from CTI Consulting

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