Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Is Chlorine Gas a Threat in Your Community?

In almost every Community in the USA and actually every community in the world Chlorine is a possible threat. Having done mandated EPA risk studies of water and waste water plants all around the USA it is still a problem, but getting less so all the time. Chlorine is being phased out for less dangerous chemical, or at least not as easy to make dangerous. Still many smaller plants have systems that are not outdated, but still not to the level of newer bigger plants. Then there are the transportation of the chemicals to and from plants, as well as to companies that use Chlorine either in making another product or added to another product. Security Staff of all types need to have a working knowledge of the danger, and a knowledge of how to protect themselves and others if than are around a suspect spill, or release of any type. It is hoped that an online class on this threat is developed sometime soon, as part of the FEMA series, the NFPA Coffee break series does have at least one brief on the subject. But in any case CTI will develop a blog post on the subject, at www.CTIC.co The first defense is to get away from any possible release of Chlorine, most of the time it will be a survival reflex to get away from it. First responders are probably the most in danger since they walk into these situations. Get you and your client out and away as soon as possible.
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