Friday, December 11, 2015

ISIS May Have Passport Printing Machine, Blank Passports

This probably very true, it has been going on for years, when Saddam first took over Kuwait the first thing they did was capture the equipment and blanks and start printing passports. This should be disturbing, many countries use the same machines the US does, bought from the same company. Yes there are some differences, but not many. I know the Palestinians in the Gaza strip were looking at the same machine the US uses for small amounts of passports. Now that was the Fatah Party, I would assume Hamas got hold of the Units when they took over, but perhaps not the Person for Fatah that bought the machine is no longer in Gaza. The machines can easily meet UN standards, and would and do be able to pass through many passport checks, maybe not the USA one's but certainly most of African and former ----Stans of the old Soviet Union. Libya, had the machines as well, and you know Iran has versions from many countries now. It is one of the first things you grab as you hit a foreign country, and Iran has hit a lot. As in any of these things all the big boys like US, China, Russia, even France and Germany have blank passport and machines to match any country, it is just basic spy work. So as you can see this just helps muck up the vetting process even more. If you can hold a country long enough you can even insert bogus back grounds for people to match the Passports. Ramsi Yoseff in jail here in the US is believed to be a product of the Saddam invasion into Kuwait, many terrorists are running around the world on back grounds developed from the Kuwait invasion. So now take that on the road, and you can see Iran, has been doing it, as well as ISIS in what we hope is a much smaller way. In Kuwait it is rumored that some backgrounds went all the way to birth certificates, but I have never seen it proven, but it makes sense. Saddam knew that the more he helped any terror organization the better it was for him. If nothing else things like this muddied up the water enough that he could pull his games, and make friends with terrorist organizations that would hit the US at times. He was personally one of the big funders of Suicide Bombers in Palestine and Israel. As you go deeper and deeper into the vetting process, it get to be very murky. A young student in Virginia, was found with some of the best gear for making fake ID's in his dorm room. There are at least 4 active experts in providing Mexican ID's and US ID's for Mexican, or people coming thru Mexico, and this does not even start to count all the fly by night groups all along the border of Mexico making pretty good ID's often off of stock stolen or bought from Mexican offices.
from CTI Consulting

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