Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ISIS proudly display military equipment - including TANKS

We need you folks that know Military Weapons and Technology to open your minds to what they can do with these weapons and technology to use them against us in a Homeland or European ISIS attack. As the artical points out, if they use them there, they will be bombed out of the existence. What we and your colleagues need to know is their options to reuse technology to attack us here. Things like weapons parts, radar, can it be taken out and used against us. Fusing systems on exploding weaponry, what can they use on us. It is not thought that they have torpedo type devices, in the USSS we went thru a whole project of looking at the fusing systems they could reuse to attack, us. The same was done for landmines, grenades and rockets. What else is there, think about barrels for weapons, optics, both night and targeting that they can use. Tanks I am told they have very sophisticated electronics in them, what can be reused against us. Military weaponry and technology is not a strong area for many of us, including me, so we need your expertise, I know the bad guys are using what expertise they can find to use this equipment to attack us.
from CTI Consulting

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