Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mexican Prosecutor: Vigilantes Infiltrated by Criminals

I think this is really true, and is a problem, but I also think the Government of Mexico wants to control both the bad guys and the good guys, and the Vigilantes are usually not under the control of either. Bad guys are in the Vigilantes, but it is a move in the right direction by all involved. What I think is a real crime is that the Police and Military came in and took the weapons from a Vigilante group that took back their town and ranches. they made a point of saying that they did not take them till they had rousted the local Cartel. Now less than a week later the Cartel was back and took revenge on mainly unarmed people, now they did have some guns, but no where near what the Cartel had. Do not take away the weapons from the Vigilantes, but if you find a bad guy prosecute them.
from CTI Consulting

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