Friday, December 4, 2015

My Way News - Egypt: 16 killed in firebomb attack at small nightclub

Here to me is the real scare after listening again this weekend, to the Mumbai attack controllers, calling the plays for the attackers in action, they kept telling the attackers, we are watching the news reports, and it is the fires that are getting the most attention, set more fires, set more fires. Yes keep shooting the people, but set more fires, that is what is scaring everyone and is the most effective for our cause. Lesson to be learned here, we need to work fire response into our initial response plans. In our active shooter drills, two things need to happen, one is Fire needs to be involved to see what can be done to help them become more effective, during these incidents. Two is some Police first responders need to be cross trained in basic fire handling capability. In the US Secret Service we all had to go through basic firefighting schools, learning how to work in smoke and fire environments as well as how to use and carry firefighting equipment like breathing gear and fire hoses, not to mention how to attack different types of fire. We knew, no matter what, we would have to go into fire situations alone to keep the President and the office of the President safe. Many Executive Protection teams are also taught basics like the use of fire extinguishers, which ones work best with which fires. Our first responders also need to be prepared. We went through this with basic medical skills and cross training personnel, so they could more effectively work in active shooter situations, we need to do the same with fire, and to some extent bomb response.
from CTI Consulting

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