Friday, December 4, 2015

My Way News - Thailand's battered image dealt new blow with aviation scare

This kind of FAA rating could be a death blow to Thailand's tourist industry, and if the EU joins in well could be the end. The danger of any rise in terrorist activity can be the TSA/FAA looking at security procedures for any direct to the US flights. Egypt is has to be concerned about the reviews ongoing about it's aviation security procedures after the Russian plane downing. The airport where the flight departed from does not have direct flights to the US, so only the EU really can deal with that airport, but the major airports in Egypt do have direct flights that can come under TSA security regulations. Actually the airport is not, but the Airlines going to the USA are regulated by TSA, who has both yearly and random inspections ongoing. There are a number of TSA inspectors in the region as well. Finding terrorists is a real concern for all countries, but not losing flights because of terrorism can be a direct economic setback to both trade and tourism.
from CTI Consulting

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