Monday, December 7, 2015

News from The Associated Press

It would appear the investigation has found hand gun ranges that have been used by the Shooters, long gun ranges are not as prevalent in the area, but Investigators believe that they have found one. No one seems to know when the long gun range was last used. but Investigators think the couple used a friends back yard to dry fire their long guns. Once again not reported to anyone, even though it has to look strange two civilians practicing with long guys in a back yard. Once again it is reported and the photo's seem to show laser aiming devices on both long guns, that would allow them to paint the target and have a good idea where the bullet would be going with out having to bring the weapon up to sight down the barrel. This allows for a lot less training for fairly accurate shooting. No one knows what ever targets the couple had planned, but the long barrels and flash suppressors attached actually detract from indoor shooting, and are more in line with outdoor and longer range shooting planning.
from CTI Consulting

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