Tuesday, December 15, 2015

News from The Associated Press

CTI has worked with School systems, to Courthouses all over the world and everything in between. Both school systems made the right choices in this case. LA had just had a local incident and its citizens are a little raw, New York City on the other hand has made a valid decision based on a risk analysis. Emotions are a part of the factor, and can not be disregarded, but if LA continued to react in the same way on future calls, then the Terrorists win. This type of threat is right out of the ISIS/AQAP Fatwa playbook, so expect even more coming down the road. If we tend to overreact then expect even more. Inspire Magazine did a whole segment of one issue on the fact they spent $4,200 on two bombs and cost the Aviation industry around $2 billion reacting to it. Think of how they will exploit a zero cost email to the amount of cost both monetarily and operationally. A school system shutting down gave who ever made the threats a lot of press. As long as you have a basis for making a valid risk analysis, decisions to not shut down the school system can be justified. The key is to have a way to justify your decisions with definable risk assessments.
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