Saturday, December 26, 2015

North Dakota oil boom lures Mexico's cartels -

Cartel expansion is getting explosive, recent inroads to Span and the rest of the EU are just part of it. It already has roots in every State and most Cities in the USA. A recent post on the expansion into the very wealthy Montgomery County Maryland by the the MS-13 street gang, affiliated with the Gulf Cartel of Mexico points this out, among others, but the Gulf Cartel is getting to be the mainstay of MS-13 in fact the Gang is being bankrolled into new territories by the Cartel. Like any good business the Cartels follow the money, and the Oil boom of North Dakota is seeing a lot of money. Taking a play from the popular TV show Sons of Anarchy, Motorcycle Gangs are providing the transportation of the Drugs from the West Coast and it is rumored Chicago into the North Dakota area. Prostitution rings controlled by the Cartels and Gangs affiliated with them are the ground troops, at least in the beginning. Now actual mid level Cartel members are taking over, which could be why the FBI is taking such a notice. Looking for ways to give up and coming Cartel members more of a role, the Cartels are starting to exert more hands on control of operations. The street gangs are still used as ground troops, but local area control is more and more by hardened Cartel members. The Mafia had the same problem back in the 60's and 70's, the room to expand to keep talent happy was limited in the New York and Chicago families. So they started to expand and reward up and comers with areas they could control, like Florida and Pennsylvania. Now the Cartels are taking a page from the Mafia book and giving territories to Cartel member's that show promise. Keep you eyes open for a new Cartel coming to your town. Down here on the border we are seeing another type of expansion, Gangs that have proven their ability to control and enforce areas are being brought to the Rio Grande Valley to be controlled enforcers for the Cartels. The Cartels have shown a little to much of themselves in the valley as enforcers and this upset the balance of power and denial by the local Governments, so the Cartel bosses has decided it is best to have a more hands off role in enforcement, but still have their big homes and large life styles on the USA side of the border, where for them it is safer for them and their families. As one local in the know person has said, it used to be the Cartels had their girlfriend families over here in the US and their real families over in Mexico, in the past few years that has changed a lot.
from CTI Consulting

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