Monday, December 28, 2015

Private Jets Tagged With Graffiti at LA Airport

This is a problem, but just to be fair, Van Nuys GA airport has as good or better security than any GA airport in the country. Most GA airports have virtually no security with planes that cost as much or more than the ones at Van Nuys, The level of security and the set up for the airport has always been high, since it has at times been a commercial airport. Van Nuys this kind of vandalism can and does happen virtually every day at GA airports. Planes are stolen, remember the bare foot bandit that kept stealing planes and landing them at other airports, to just steal another one. Then there is the guy that stole the plane and flew it into the White House. GA security is more the owners problem than the airports. Most corporate aircraft are kept under lock, alarm and often CCTV controlled and operated by the aircraft owners. If these very valuable planes are damaged, it is almost 100% of the time the owners problems. CTI just did a study for one State of all their GA airports, and having done a security study of Van Nuys in the past, I can tell you the airport meets or exceeds security for any GA airport I have seen. Some come close, but in every case it was because they had been a commercial airport in the past, like Van Nuys. If I was the planes owner or the FBO they used in Van Nuys, I would check with their security, or fire them. The repaint job for the plane, probably will cost more than a full time security guard standing near the plane, or the rental of a security hanger.
from CTI Consulting

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