Friday, December 25, 2015

Recap: Ask This Former DEA Agent Anything About Fighting Drug Cartels In Mexico

Good read, these are the folks that have been on the front line in the fight against the Cartels, and they will tell you the real war on terror is the Cartels, and though the border cities are the front line, they are in every City of American in one way or another. Spain and the rest of the EU are starting to see Mexican Cartel action in a big way. Cartels use the internet as well, mainly for human trafficking prostitution is the face of it, but now slavery of women is reaching epidemic proportions. But for recruitment they use gangs and even bankers to expand. Unlike ISIS they the Cartels often do not want publicity and even go as far as to threaten even kill reporters that dare report on their activities. We do not have Mosques to track and report these terrorists, we have stock brokers and other businessmen who chose which dealer they want to do business with. This then means that rival cartel's threaten and kill other dealers to gain part of the action. More and more cartels are killing the users as well if they do not chose the leading cartel to buy from. Two pool parties have been shot up in the last years, to teach kids that buying from a rival cartel is not a good thing. One Cartel operator explained that like in any business you control expenses as best you can, then you have to work on controlling the market place, as in any business cost and quality are critical factors, but unlike a normal business the call for greater profits often work on the market with threats and controls like location location location. Cartels through the gangs they sponsor stake out territory in the US it is corners and blocks, in Mexico they use what is called a plaza system. One Cartel runs a Plaza normally associated a set of routes into the US, much of the violence is for control of the Plaza, in the US it is a corner, or in some cases even buildings. A rumor floating from another cartel operator is that the profits from just one Bank or Stock Broker's company Head Quarters can beat three even four street level corners, and far less chance to get caught. The same intelligence capabilities used on the ISIS and other radical Islamist groups can provide big problems for the Cartels, who are getting more and more sophisticated in countering Intelligence activities, of Police and Federal Law Enforcement. Like the take down of the Colombian Cartels we need to bring real DOD intelligence capabilities to the lead. Unfortunately the USA got a lot more co-ordination from the Colombians than we are getting from Mexico. There are two big problems with Mexico, one is corruption, every time intelligence is shared with Mexico there is the chance it will end up in the hands of the cartels. In one case a road stop by a good policeman found a folder of Intelligence from the US given to the Mexican authorities less than three hours before the stop. The other problem is the Mexican Government bodies are not inclined to lose the undercover money given to them by the Cartels. Add to this the Cartels turn a bit of a blind eye to the Mexican Government raiding the tax coffers of the very profitable US, China, German, and Korean businesses operating labor operations in Mexico, and the new Oil business, all providing Mexico with enough money to really help the Mexican Citizens, so they do not have to flee Mexico for the USA. In oil there is enough to go around it looks like, since the Cartels and corrupt Mexican Government are both making money off the oil boom. The Cartels are making enough that in at times is more than their drug business, the Zetas are branching out to Gas Stations. It allows them to sell stolen oil, launder the money for that plus the drug business. Side profits are coming from credit card scams and Identity theft.
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