Saturday, December 5, 2015

Smooth Visa Process for Woman in Attack Is Focus of Inquiry

Tashfeen Malik the woman in San Bernardino massacre is linked to Pakistan's most notorious radical cleric and mosque known as center for fundamentalists US officials have handed information to Pakistani authorities linking Tashfeen Malik to country's notorious Red Mosque Now we have her joining a radical mosque, changing from western dress, and her friends say many western customs, 3 years ago she changes, as did her soon to be husband another terrorist killer. So the US found out all this very quickly after she helped kill 14 people, yet nothing was found prior. In fact one formal official says even if we knew all this we would not have stopped her from coming, nor would we stop a refugee, that was a member of a radical mosque. It would be a violation of our USA religious freedom to stop a radical Islamist, since that is their right. So all these refugees could even claim they belonged to these radical mosque's and we would not stop them. The bar is higher, we must prove they materially contributed to terrorist actions, to stop them. I leave that issue to our Government and Citizens, and perhaps their votes, but to Protection Professionals just understand we have a lot of possible terrorist folks and threats, the back ground checks by our Government is not going to clear the folks that maybe coming to your Protectee's event as much as you may have thought.
from CTI Consulting

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