Friday, December 4, 2015

STC student assaulted on campus

Our prayers for the victim, and hope for a quick recovery. STC has such a large spread out campus that students and staff need to understand they are really going to have to be in charge of their own safety and security. The next best security response is your fellow students and staff, you all need to keep an eye out for each other. There are not enough Police in the world to be in place everywhere you think they are needed. Another misconception is that CCTV cameras will provide real layer of security. They do not, after the fact they may help in catching an attacker, but except for deterrence they are historical evidence. It is true the bad guys do not want to be noticed or caught on video tape, but hiding from them by what you are wearing or the way you are moving is well within their capabilities. The police can help a lot if everyone follows the basic if you see something say something advice. The police do not have to throw everyone up against the car if you report them, but they can drive by and witness the suspect activity, and even stop and ask for ID from them. In most cases that will end the problem. In many cases if you are in a safe area, with other people around you, you may want to take a picture of the suspect activity. I do all the time, and then after a day or so delete the pictures as needed. Basic awareness courses are available through most of the local Police departments, as often are very basic self-defense courses. If not, taking even a few lessons from a Boxing, or Martial Arts studio can help. A basic course is not going to train you to beat up attackers, but it will teach you and more importantly your body and mind that it can take a punch or being thrown to the ground and still survive. This is about all I expect my students to be able to take away from a few lessons. But it is very important, most of us have never been hit or even shoved, so our bodies and minds often shut down quickly to provide a sort of denial defense. A few lessons maybe a big help in making our bodies and minds able to cope better. I know it is hard to understand but basic Yoga breathing training can help you both be more aware of danger around you, and allow you to handle the stress of an attack, much better. If you go to CTI’s blog there are a number of posts that may help you as well as CTI You Tube videos that may help. Attacks on or around campuses will continue to happen, but if we all work together we can help put a stop to them, and we can help each other survive them.
from CTI Consulting

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