Saturday, December 5, 2015

The following all comes from the latest Inspire Magazine vo. 14 all based on Assassination, If you have been to one of my classes, you should remember the threat questions form, look here how they reverse those questions on how to plan an attack. Every EP professional needs to read this Magazine cover to cover, it covers, picking targets, planning on how to attack, even a special part on workplace attacks. It even goes into the spiritual mental preparedness for the attack. Know the enemy, hear how they are thinking. The following are directly from the Magazine. You should bear in mind that every target has a security loophole, however much intense the security precautions he takes. Where? & When? Where can the target be found? This question can be asked in great details: Where does the target reside? Where does he work? Where does he visit for recreational activities? Where does he shop? Another major question is when? The answer to this question specifically describes the actual time he is present in the previously mentioned locations. And the answer to the 'when' question should be according to the year, month, day, hour and minuet. How? How can we generate a desired, simple plan to attain the best of results and be efficient? The answer to this main question is obtained by answering the following: • What is the weak point of the target that can be exploited to penetrate the target? • When is the target in least protection? • Which is the best technique available to execute the operation? • How has the executor prepared for the operation? Is it a Martydom operation, inghimaasi (Immersing onself deep into enemy lines) or an assault? • When the executor of the operation performs an assault, then he must have a retreat plan. He will have to answer two questions: » What is the technique to be used in order to retreat safely? » How will you cover-up your traces and yourself after an operation?

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