Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Philosophy of Security: Iran Charged with Hacking a Dam in 2013, A 2015 Report Says

From what has been released and that is not much at this time, it could be part of the Stuxnet code that has been rumored to have come from the USA and or Israel to damage their Nuclear Armament Program, being released back at us. We know the Chinese have made full scale mock ups of USA systems like power grids, water treatment and waste water treatment and are constantly developing systems to attack our critical infrastructure. Yes we are doing the same, but they have very few systems on a grid or linked up like ours. Plus many of our systems are older and much more vulnerable, since they have been around a lot longer. Everyone is scrambling to find the silver bullet to protect their systems, but the target changes everyday, perhaps every second of every day. Cyber attacks from all sides are the wave of the future, and may already be installed on a computer or router near you. Have a happy new year, 2016 should be interesting.
from CTI Consulting

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