Thursday, December 17, 2015

UPDATE: McAllen school officials report no problems after threatening email

Probably a very good move to not over react to the threats. I think the worded response is perfect, we are mobilized to handle any threat. After nothing has happen this morning the response is looking fantastic. 95% of bomb threats are hoaxes by FBI stats, but the real number is like 99.5% are hoaxes. The key now is to find the persons making the threats. Bomb threat briefing forms are designed to gain as much knowledge from the threat as possible. Email threats as well as other social media threats are getting to be more prevalent than phoned in threats. Because they are hoaxes are by no means reason to not take them seriously. Often threat's are the first salvo of a person with a real grievance, and they may move on to actual events. So finding them is something that should be taken seriously.
from CTI Consulting

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