Saturday, December 5, 2015

When we lost the NSA tracking meta data, this is what we lost.

 It may not look like much, but if you look at the center dot being just one phone or computer used by the Cal terrorist couple, and then look at all the people they called or called into them, in almost real time, then look at all the possible suspects. Yes you can eliminate many of them quickly, but look at a Pizza parlor plot that was stopped because all at once many suspects had been found to call the same pizza parlor, some from States, even countries away.

Now as each node starts to make calls, most will be to friends and family members to tell them what is going on, but a few nodes will branch out to numbers we do not know of yet, and some will turn out to be bad guys, because as the web grows, finally it will hit numbers of known bad guys, so we will have further information on other groups.

Now take a program developed by a young female professor to analyse corporations for determining communications links, that are the life blood of the company. She was able to look at how a highly effective node in a corporation worked, and then used that template to find other efficient nodes in a corporation, she was helping companies all over better understand their key communications links, she could even point to the key players, often not the ones the corporations thought were key, and show how they made the corporation grow and evolve.

Now take a Government Agency. Like one or two of the three letter ones, and hire the lady to do the same with terrorist cells and other criminals, like the cartels. In fact hire her so much she only works for them now. Now look at those nodes, think of all the phone and internet traffic out there each a little node point.

Now have analysts tell her in that galaxy of nodes out there which ones we know are terrorist cells. She then makes a template of those communications, the times of the calls and messages is almost as critical as the numbers and IP addresses used, because of throw away phones and bogus internet accounts.

Now you have a template and you run it against the galaxy of node traffic, and every once in a while the template detects a new similar traffic pattern, and we may have a terrorist cell, or a drug organisation or the financing of either.

Now, the three letter agencies can still do this, but it will take a lot longer, and most of the information will be useless by the time they get to them, because cell phones will be thrown away, IP addresses no longer used, but yes they will yield some data, but we have suffered a serious loss going to the private companies holding the info. Now there are some work around methods, and hopefully they are being used, but there is a handcuff on our intel that does not need to be there.

It is a lot like encryption, NSA can break them, but it is the time involved, the USA still has German traffic from WWII that they have not gotten around to decryption, but it is not a high priority. Sort of like two terrorists talking to each other, or others last week about killing 14 people, which was probably just the start of the plan of killing, but to decrypt the traffic now is a much lower priority. Now if we could detect a terrorist cell by the node template, no wait that will take a bit of time now that NSA can not look at all of it real time, but if we could then decryption of the traffic, would take on a whole new priority.

Now here is something that will confound my friends and delight my detractors. I do not think a law making a back door to encryption systems is wise, and also it is pretty useless. It is like bad guys and guns, make new gun laws, the bad guys will still get guns, hell they can make them with printers now days. It is the same with encryption programs, the bad guy, and there are a lot of them, like China for instance, will still make encryption with out back doors. So let NSA muddle through, they have other ways to get behind encryption than just force, they will do fine.

via CTI Consulting

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