Monday, January 4, 2016

As open carry takes effect, officials predict lawsuits

For all my fellow gun protection types, this new law helps in some ways, but carries some very possible negatives. It helps that if a weapon peaks out of a jacket or ankle holster, the wearer cannot be in danger of losing a weapon. But in addition to the gun free zones that this article sees as possible problems, there is also another big issue. Intimidation, if a wearer, tries to intimidate another person or even if the other person feels intimidated, then legal issues could be raised. Now this usually will be ruled in the favor on the gun wearer, but just the legal costs and time it takes Law Enforcement and the Courts to deal with it, are possibly going to be substantive. if multiple charges occur, than at some point the Courts will find the weapon carrier at fault. It is like a person that gets into fights all the time. If multiple witness come forward to back even a single charge, then it could go bad for the carrier. This may not be right, or even fair, but it is fact. Bottom line you have the right to carry, but other citizens could feel threatened by it.. We all know someone that is looking to impress or bully another, if they think an open carry is the way to accomplish that, I see lots of legal actions in you their future, costly legal actions.
from CTI Consulting

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