Tuesday, January 12, 2016

China: Tycoon abducted, pays $15.6m ransom and is forced to kill a girl

Two points to this article, one the Victim was forced to kill a young girl as a ploy to stop him from going to the Police, he did, paid and was released, he went to police anyhow, and 4 were caught. Two, the kidnappers used a handmade gun to kidnap the victim. Gun restrictions are heavy in China, yet still hand made guns are fairly available as are regular weapons on the black market. Back in the 80's two guys over a weekend made a fully automatic Uzi style weapon in their machine shop. 90% of the Rockets fired out of the Gaza Strip are made in the Gaza Strip, at plumbers shops even bike shops have made them. Restriction of weapons is not the answer. The British Sterling machine gun only needs a heavy metal shop for the barrel and the receiver, the rest is just stamped and folded metal. Cost to make back then was 37$, Bad guys will always make weapons as needed.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1S4unyC

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