Friday, January 1, 2016

Demand for ‘panic rooms’ growing

CTI has designed safe rooms for Kings of foreign countries, CEO's and upper management for Fortune 500 companies as well as just people at risk from bad guys. The ones here in the article are looking to start at ten thousand dollars for just a door. For clients and friends in the Rio Grande Valley we have outlined safe rooms starting in the 200 dollar range from items available from Home Depot and Loews. The key to me of this article is in the last section, and that is, these are not bunkers, they are a safe place to wait out a response from the Police or Security of Some type. Design your safe room for that response, usually in the 10 to 20 min, range in a City or perhaps 20 to 30 min, in a more rural area. If you have a weapon in the home it is normally best to design your home defense plan around a weapon and the safe room. Another point that this article brings out is communications, dialing and staying with 911 is a great idea, even if you have a weapon, communications is critical. Another form of communications is your alarm system, in car and in the home, and in the office. Most alarm systems have a warning system to the vendor, but normally will not call the police immediately, but what they do do, is provide a second link to the Police, which normally helps in generating a response. It also draws attention to the situation from others in the area, and gives the attacker(s) a lot to worry about, like witnesses and other guardians. If you do have a weapon, one issue police have found is that during an event with their car sirens and lights going off, it added to the stress and tension so much that their firearm aiming was degraded. Not many firearm ranges have lights and or alarm sirens, but you may want to check it out. There is also the problem of talking to responding police even the 911 operator with alarms going off, so during your planning test out how it will effect your communications. Here is a take away tip, have a phone charger in your safe room, even if it is only your bathroom, as well as extra ammunition if you do have a weapon. Please have a safe new year, and be aware..
from CTI Consulting

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