Friday, January 22, 2016

Gulf Cartel Weapons and Narcotics Way Station Raided - In Texas - Breitbart

There's more than a hundred of these active in Texas at any one time. Some smaller most bigger. In the Cimarron housing division 4 have been found and raided in the last couple of years. If you take all of Mission, Texas, the number increases by at minimum a factor of 4. All along the Texas Mexico border, there's a fluctuation of these from time to time. It is usually based on a risk analysis, opportunity ( houses available, people that can be used) among other factors. A real study needs to be done, looking at the factors. It would be interesting to take known trafficking houses, known vehicle activities around them, and then review city and local cctv recordings in an ever widening circle from these stash houses. Using the findings, develop templates that can be used to discover more stash houses. We really need to be thinking out side of the box to raise the game on drug interdiction.
from CTI Consulting

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