Tuesday, January 12, 2016

House Homeland chair warns of terror attacks at Disney, Oscars, Mall of America

Not having read the book yet, very few comments. But one comes to mind, and that is soft targets, the mall in your small town, or the next parade, even the next dance, or wedding like the Palestinian Radicals like to target in Israel are the soft targets the ISIS and AQAP are working against. The main core AQ terrorist cells may still point to the big targets, but they have sophisticated planning and trained operatives. It is true the main AQ is out there and they are trying to make a big hit, but even the Fatwa they operate under requires a plan with a 75% chance of success, not easy with all the Law Enforcement folks around. They will probably hit a softer target as well, for their next hit, just to prove they are still around. Look to local malls, small campuses, smaller churches, even the inner cities of small towns, where the restaurants and bars are. Places that could never have the Law Enforcement presence that smaller towns have. It will be the eyes and ears of the small town citizens that are going to find these terrorists, we just need to get away from this "it could never happen here" mindset. It could happen anywhere and we need everyone to help keep an eye out for them. Every Protection Team, every Security Guard all need to be very alert, as well as every citizen, it could be your family that finds itself in the middle of one of these attacks, so it is up to all of us to See Something, Say Something. For all of you armed, be careful, if it is showing you will be the first targets, probably for a suicide bomber, where your weapon will not be that effective. For those with weapons not showing, be careful as well, take the moves the Air Marshals use, hold for a second, get cover if you can concealment if you can't and look for other shooters, before you commit. Get other Civilians clear if you can, if the shooter does not go down, fire will come your way quickly, and you need to have your family and other innocent citizens out of the fire zone as much as possible. But then by God shoot them, negotiations will do nothing, shoot and shoot to kill. May God bless your actions, that is for everyone that gets one person out of a fire or bombing zone. If you can not shoot, then get people away and cover them from shooters.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1W4231E

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