Friday, January 8, 2016

Jewish man taken hostage in Mexico City released

This is a very professional kidnapping, sorry but it had to be said. Mexico City has had more than one high level kidnapping, and more and more low level kidnapping like the Cartels are want to do. In this case a Security Guard was paid to let the kidnappers into the building. All should take notice of this, in many cases the only thing between us and the bad guys is a security guard, low paid and often treated poorly as well. As many of you in the Executive Protection field know, we also often rely on bell men, door men, and yes security guards to stretch our ranks. One we all need to be aware they can be turned, as can even well paid professionals, but two if we treat these folks as part of the team and with respect, you will find from my experience that it is much harder to get to them, and their actions and inaction will often tell you something is wrong. But the only way to know, is to interact with them, that does not mean you have to let them in on your inner workings but know them enough to tell if something is wrong. I can speak to two times when door men acting off let me know of danger.
from CTI Consulting

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