Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mayor of Mexico city murdered one day after she took office

This is not a good start to the new year, murdered less than 24 hours after she took office. Cartels, wanted to make a quick statement, using young kids to hit the mayor and degrade her as they killed her. It takes a lot of bravery to run for office in Mexico, even corrupt ones have to worry about rival cartels. In this case a lot of questions come to mind, why no protection, even family may have helped. So there are flags on the play at once, there are inconsistencies in how this played out. No protection but a quick Police response once the killers started to leave. Mexico needs to be as transparent as possible with this, and every brave soul that takes office corrupt or not, needs protection, both physical and technical, like alarms, communications, and perhaps CCTV that saves to the cloud so events can be held for investigation. The UN should if possible take action to oversee the actions of the Mexican Government, much like to monitoring of several cites in the US have had by the DOJ over the years, when Police actions have been called into question. Mexico has USAid Trainers and other Law Enforcement in place for training and aid to the Citizens of Mexico, it is time the UN has stepped in to provide active monitoring of the Mexican Government to oversee its anti corruption efforts. The Drug Cartels, more accurately called Trans National Criminal Organizations, but known as the Cartel's by the world have effectively became a shadow Government in Mexico, with more power than the elected Government. With UN Monitors in place that have enough effective man power to control the Cartels, it is possible for the Citizens of Mexico to take back their Country, with all its vast natural and manpower assets. Like oil, and other minerals, as well as a large trained labor force.
from CTI Consulting

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