Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mexican cartel violence spills into U.S. as 'drug assassin' pleads no contest to beheading man...

This did not happen in the Mid East or North Africa, or even in Mexico, it happen here in the United States, a three man assassination team joined with a local to kidnap, and kill by beheading a low level drug dealer, who had fled and hid in the Arizona area. An assassination team was dispatched to kill him, The local befriended the victim and worked with the team to kill him. In the article the DEA, Border Patrol, and a renown expert all say that it is very rare for assassinations by the Cartels to happen in the USA. Part of that is true, yet Assassination Teams have been running around the Rio Grande Valley for a number of years at least. A four man team was staying in an apartment Pharr, Tx, they had a task for a number of weeks to enforce drug problems for a cartel in the area. It is interesting to see how they worked their tasks. Taking victims over to Mexico and killing them there, reportedly at least two times while they where in town. Another team, of at least 5, reportedly Zetas set up training and a holding area for a hostage at a ranch in northern Mission. An informant not only reported on the training and staging area, he knew who was going to be snatched. Once again reportedly the Sheriff Department called off two raids on the staging area, and when the victim had been snatched, and was at the ranch. He was walked across the bridge into Mexico with his mother, then she returned, the price for the family not being targeted as well. The victim was murdered by the team in Mexico and placed in a barrel of burning oil, some say before he was dead. Now the Local Departments, including Federal Agencies did not have to report a kidnapping and or a murder. So the folks in the Article are correct in their statements. Now reportedly another hit man has lived for at least 3 years on this side of the border in a little town near Rio Grande City, he was arrested last year on another charge. As the article says the Cartels do not want to make waves over here on this side of the border. What that said, the Cartels are moving to using Gangs, some loosely affiliated, some virtually indentured servants to the Cartels. In one case a gang from LA has been funded to expand to other areas as the enforcers and ground team for drug sales. This arrangement is working all over the USA, with nominal Cartel leaders taking a pretty hands off management role, while both street gangs and bike gangs are used for transport and street sales as well as both are given the enforcement roles as needed. This allows the Cartels to not be involved in violence, yet it still gets done. It allows the Law Enforcement to point to gang violence not Cartels as acting in the US. It has also helped cool down some of the gang violence since the Cartels do not want the extraneous violence that brings down the wrath of law enforcement. People need to understand that the Cartels need to play these games, yet still keep rivals and stragglers who may make trouble in line. To say that the Cartels are not incorporating violence into their actions on this side of the border is not even close to the truth.
from CTI Consulting

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