Friday, January 8, 2016

Mexico: Founder of La Familia cartel found dead in Michoacán parking lot, showing signs of...

Even the Cartel leaders and members live in fear from other Cartel members. No wonder most of them are high most of the time. In two of the books that claim to be written from the words of former Cartel Killers, both talk of staying both drunk and high from the first time they ever did any work. There is some belief the same killer was the subject of both books. Recruited into the Cartel;s early the killer(s) went to work as policemen. The majority of their work was killing other Cartel members, but some was to keep possible witnesses in line, some innocents that just had the misfortune to see the Cartel Killers in action. This fear, is not registered as a crime, on both sides of the border. Yet fear permeates families, businesses even school children, that see gangs or wannabe gang members show off, even though they know the same fear that they could be killed as well. Fear grows and expands it is hard to define, and often even harder to admit, we need to understand that this fear is making Mexico a living hell, and is slowly moving in the the USA perhaps not so slowly. It does not show on the crime stats here in the USA, just as the thousands upon thousands of missing people in Mexico do not show on their stats. But the numbers are real and growing, and something needs to be done about. it.
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