Friday, January 8, 2016

Mexico: Shot and burned Sinaloa bodies likely those of missing Australian surfers

Australian Governments warnings do not reflect what the US and Canada do about driving anywhere in Mexico at night. People need to understand the dangers involved in traveling in Mexico, the US State Department has very strong warnings, and most of it has been from experience over the years. It can be very dangerous and even if you do get back in one piece it normally has required pay offs to various entities. Deaths do not get reported all the time, they often get dumped into a file called missing. If missing for a while, it often gets moved into the lost and forgotten file, which only moves back to the missing file if family members keep asking about it. Even then it may not get investigated, less than 20% of missing make it into the murder solved category, and unofficially it is more like a 2% or less solved rate. Murder rates are high in Mexico but missing, lost and forgotten rates are almost unbelievable.
from CTI Consulting

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