Friday, January 8, 2016

USA: Twelve Korean women freed from sex trafficking ring, thirteen men charged for their involvement

Just so you do not feel so superior this is happening right now in cities all over America. The really grim news is people are eyeing your daughters and other family members right now, for forced abduction to Europe and the Middle East. Young girls are prayed on by false modeling or entertainment front companies, others are just grabbed as they walk our streets. Stopping it everywhere is the only real solution, so this was a good start for the year. There are ports up and down the Americas where whole containers full of girls are shipped to brothels all over Europe, the Middle East, even China and Japan, yes even Korea. One Professor in the RGV wrote her dissertation on the paths of trafficking of women. She traced them from cities and towns all over South America to points near and in Mexico, some never leave our shores, they just are kept in slavery fairly locally.
from CTI Consulting

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